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Explore The Island Of The Sun

Top Things to Do At Lake Titicaca

Ecolodge La Estancia is pleased to provide an array of tours, activities and things to do – each of which offers unique insight into our local culture and heritage. 

Visit the home of Jesús and Asunta – neighbors in La Estancia who will delight and inspire you with stories of their ancestors and demonstrations of their fishing and agricultural tools. Discover the art of traditional textile weaving with local artisans. Experience the powerful Ritual of Mother Earth. Or plan a tour to the Island of the Moon – the second-most sacred attraction in Lake Titicaca, after our own island. 

Exploring Traditional Textile Art

In this experiential activity, a group of three artisan women dressed in their traditional attire arrive with their tools and materials. They will show and interpret local textile art for the elaboration of handicraft products through various techniques such as loom with stakes or macramé.

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Local Folklore Band

After dinner, a set of local musicians arrives with native instruments. Dressed in the traditional costumes of the Island of the Sun, the small group will play a sample of the music that is common to local festivities.

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Ritual for Mother Earth

Following Andean traditions, a ritual is performed for the Pachamama or Mother Earth guided by a member of the community who has been chosen for this kind of ceremonies. Guests will witness the ritual consisting of a ch’alla symbolized with an offering and the corresponding prayers.

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Visit Our Neighbors From La Estancia

Through a visit to our neighbors' house, you will be able to learn more about a local family. They will share the very interesting legacy left by their ancestors, both in terms of their stories and all the tools and utensils that you will find in their home. 

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Day Trip to the Island of the Moon

This visit to the Island of the Moon is an ideal day trip to explore Lake Titicaca in more depth. The Island of the Moon is across from the lodge, inspiring beautiful landscapes with the mountains in the back. Guests can take a 45-minute boat ride to visit the island of the Moon and its magical sacred temple. 

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