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Quadruple Room Cottage

Ideal for a small group of friends or family. This is a quadruple room with three single beds plus one pull-out bed offering spectacular views of Lake Titicaca and the Andes Mountain Range. Located throughout our garden, the cottages, which have been built with local materials such as mudbricks, stones, and thatched roofs, offer privacy and tranquility. Guests can enjoy a small walk to their accommodations through our garden. 

The quadruple room features a private bathroom which has black stone flooring and polycarbonate ceilings, allowing it to maintain a nice temperature. Water in the bathroom is heated with solar energy. The room itself is heated by the “Trombe” method, a passive solar energy system that keeps the room naturally warm. Each cottage features a unique interior design using local materials and identity; each cottage is named after a native plant or tree. Rates include dinner and a breakfast buffet.



Aloe Vera soap and shampoo; fresh drinking water