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Lake Titicaca's Island of the Sun

Located in the southern part of Lake Titicaca – the highest navigable lake in the world at 3,810 meters – the Island of the Sun is one of Bolivia’s most captivating destinations. It is considered the birthplace of Incan culture, brimming with fascinating archaeological sites and cultural landmarks. 

Ecolodge La Estancia provides the perfect base for a journey of discovery on and around this mythical island. Visit local communities to learn about their long-established way of life; explore the venerable Garden of the Incas and the Fountain of Youth. Or walk the iconic Inca Trail and soak up the astounding views. 

Should you need any advice on things to see while you’re with us, please don’t hesitate to ask. 


Yumani - Inca Step and Fountain of the Youth

In Yumani, the main port on the Island of the Sun, you will find the terraced gardens called the “Garden of the Incas”.

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Pilcocaina - Temple of the Sun

Visit the Pillko Kayna temple, located in the southernmost tip of  the Sun Island - an Inca structure with architectural influence from Tiwanaku built under the rule of Tupac Yupanqui.

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Inca Trail Path

The largest archeological compound on the Island of the Sun is located in the northern part of the island. Here you will find “La Chinkana”, an Inca labyrinth with narrow corridors leading to rooms or gardens.

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Island of the Moon

Visit the Island of the Moon for a incredible boat ride and a visit to one of the main archeological sites in the region.

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