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Inca Trail Path

The “Chinkana” group of ruins is located in the northern part of the Island, and is the most important archaeological site of the entire Titicaca Lake. The Sacred Rock is located here, where the god Sun or Inti purified and granted favors to the pilgrims. It is said that once Inti had seen the chaos and rottenness of men on earth, he decided to send his two children to establish order. 

His children, Manko Qhapaq and his sister and wife Mama Oqllo, were born and emerged from the Titicaca waters in the Roca Sagrada. Fulfilling their father’s wish, they were to throw a golden rod he had given them and in the place it sank they would found the new empire. The rod sank near Cusco so they established the capital there, however their mythical origin will always be hidden under the Titicaca waters. In this site you will also find the Chinkana or Inca labyrinth, where the rituality of the ancient inhabitants of Titicaca is still felt in the air. 

Inca Trail Route: To reach this point you can walk on the famous “Inca Trail” which is a medium difficulty trail of about 3 hours and 8.7 km with amazing views of Lake Titicaca. 

Route through villages: If you are feeling more adventurous and are in good shape you can take the path that will take you through the towns of Challapampa and Challa; take into account about 4 hours for this 9 km journey. While definitely more demanding as the trail goes up and down, this hike will allow you to discover amazing beaches and get a better insight on the livelihoods of the local communities of this island. 

Tip: You can also hire a private boat to or from the northern part. Ask for more info at the front desk!